August Updates

Since the inception of the stay-at-home order due to the COVID-19 pandemic, I’ve been unnervingly productive. I say ‘unnervingly’ because I am exhausting myself with my own obsessive-compulsive behavior. I can’t seem to settle down and have felt the need to ‘catch up’ on everything I’ve neglected to do in my creative life before the pandemic. Thus, I’ve felt compelled to compile a list of everything I’ve been doing in the last few months.

  1. April, 2020: Created The Lightbulb – Podcast series including short stories, interviews, music and more.
  2. May, 2020: I finished a rough draft of the manuscript for my third book, reaching my goal of writing 50,000 words. I’ve been tracking everything on the NanoWriMo website.
  3. June, 2020: Started two e-commerce shops on Zazzle and Redbubble, under the shop name: Studio C Gallerie, where I feature a variety of my own original designs on products such as housewares and clothing.
  4. June – August, 2020: I’ve created several NEW collections for Studio C Gallerie and have added them to the social media sites above, and promoted them. I continue to make more art using the Brushes and Procreate apps for iphone and ipad and am learning how to use them.
  5. July, 2020: Created a Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest pages for Studio C Gallerie and linked all the products together.
  6. July 2020: Created a WordPress website for Studio C Gallerie.
  7. June-August, 2020: Updated my personal website: Carla M Wilson
  8. August, 2020: Updated the website for Curious Impossibilities: Ten Cinematic Riffs on WordPress (ongoing).
  9. August, 2020: Responded to an artists challenge called Call and Response – Round 6: Collaboration at a Distance” and have been paired up with San Francisco-based artist Tami Tsark. The final collaborations will be posted online on September 5th, 2o20.
  10. Continued to work my full-time job from home!
  11. August-September, 2020: I plan to finish editing my third book and finally put it out into the world!!!
End of Summer – Framed Art Print

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