No Bed of Roses

The desire to paint has been building up for quite a while. Since 2009, I’ve made drawings and collages using ink pens, pencils, and basic colored markers. I’ve created hundreds of iPad drawings, colorizing them using digital technology, but I don’t think I’ve actually painted with a brush and water since around 1985 when I owned a set of Winsor & Newton inks and possibly a few tubes of acrylics. After participating in an art challenge this August, I realized the digital technology felt stifling and I wanted a more expressive medium. Finally, this weekend, I picked up a set of Kuretake Gansai Tambi watercolors and set out to get started. Here is the result!

Carla Wilson’s Roses 2021 using Kuretake’s Gansai Tambi Watercolors
“Roses 2021” by Carla Wilson
“Roses 2021” and Kuretake Watercolors

I was lucky I chose this paint set and am extremely happy with the result. The colors are bright, they mix well with other colors, and apply to the paper smoothly. One thing I had forgotten was that watercolors can be very forgiving when you have good paper, good paint, and a nice wash. Attempting a second painting, I found my muse had abandoned me, so I left everything open to dry and walked away, feeling happy to try again another day.

“Sunset Sky” 1985 by Carla Wilson – Winsor & Newton inks

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