16 Mini-Paintings

I’m taking a self-paced online course in abstract painting, which is the reason you’ll notice a lot of new work here and there online. Yesterday I completed an exercise which required taking a large (18×24) sheet of heavy watercolor paper and dividing it up into sections. Following a set of suggestions and a demonstration, the exercise resulted in these sixteen mini-paintings, which I must say, I adore. When I was a child, I loved everything in miniature. Working small and with detail has always appealed to me, probably down to my defensive nature and the desire to protect myself and put up barriers. However, I do want to eventually make larger paintings and so I know the day will come when I’ll need to branch out. For now, I’m enjoying the sixteen mini worlds I’ve created here.


Hello April!

Welcome April! I’m excited to report that my artwork was accepted and is featured in an online venue run by Michael Jacobson at The New Post-literate: A Gallery of Asemic Writing. Have a look around–the gallery is fascinating! My original piece wasn’t intended to explore asemic writing, but it does have related elements, and so I’m very happy with the way it came out.

7 x 10 mixed media collage with acrylics and charcoal -© Carla M Wilson 2021.


From the Ether

This exercise is meant to bring forth images directly from the subconscious as the artist works on the page. The ladies emerge organically as layers of mixed media are applied with collage elements, joined together in a dream-like, ethereal state. A meditative mood is also created in the beginning by using a poem as a base, both literally and metaphorically, for the painting. The poem is hand-written, then covered by layers of acrylic inks, charcoal, and other collage elements. The poem will be posted later, so stay tuned for that, and perhaps more in this experimental ‘she-tribe’ series.

7×10” mixed media collage
© Carla M Wilson 2021.

An Unseen Force

“It was in 1919 when I first started my work. I then had an inspiration to take up my pen and do all kinds of works of an artistic type. I felt that I had an artistic faculty seeking expression. It took various forms. First of all, knitting – even without any pattern. Then came a flow of all kinds of inspirational writing, mostly Biblical. Then I felt impelled to execute drawings on a large scale on calico. I simply couldn’t leave it and I did on average 20 pictures a week, all in colour. All the time I was in quite a normal state of mind and there was no suggestion of a ‘spirit’ standing beside me. I simply felt inspired. Sometimes I would be dissatisfied with the work and tear it up or burn it. But I felt I was definitely guided by an unseen force, though I could not say what its actual nature was. “ 

Madge Gill–Extract from an interview in Prediction Magazine, 1937.
Watercolored by Carla Wilson, 2021
Carla Wilson – 2021

Those of you who know me from my writing may know that my first book, Impossible Conversations included a chapter that was dedicated to the Outsider Artist Madge Gill. In the book, the author conducts an imaginary interview with Madge wherein the artist explains how she felt compelled to create by an unseen force or a spirit guide called “Myrninerest” (or ‘my inner rest’). I’ve been thinking about Madge lately as I’ve felt suddenly compelled to create paintings that seem to come from nowhere, as if a spirit guide is leading the way. Whether it’s too much coffee, or the extra time at home due to the pandemic stay-at-home-order, I’m glad to be coming up with fresh ideas this week.

Happy Women’s Day ’21

Today is International Women’s Day so to celebrate the women in my life, my dear family members, friends, and co-workers, I made a new painting today. In reality, it was an abstract that I didn’t think was working too well. I kept re-working it until I turned all the ugly parts into flowers. I liked it so much I had to share it here today. Women do this all the time (maybe men do it, too, but women are being celebrated today): yes, somehow we manage to turn lemons into lemonade and ugly frowns upside down. Here’s to all the strong, beautiful, and magic women of this world.

Carla Wilson 2021

Carla Wilson 2021

No Bed of Roses

The desire to paint has been building up for quite a while. Since 2009, I’ve made drawings and collages using ink pens, pencils, and basic colored markers. I’ve created hundreds of iPad drawings, colorizing them using digital technology, but I don’t think I’ve actually painted with a brush and water since around 1985 when I owned a set of Winsor & Newton inks and possibly a few tubes of acrylics. After participating in an art challenge this August, I realized the digital technology felt stifling and I wanted a more expressive medium. Finally, this weekend, I picked up a set of Kuretake Gansai Tambi watercolors and set out to get started. Here is the result!

Carla Wilson’s Roses 2021 using Kuretake’s Gansai Tambi Watercolors
“Roses 2021” by Carla Wilson
“Roses 2021” and Kuretake Watercolors

I was lucky I chose this paint set and am extremely happy with the result. The colors are bright, they mix well with other colors, and apply to the paper smoothly. One thing I had forgotten was that watercolors can be very forgiving when you have good paper, good paint, and a nice wash. Attempting a second painting, I found my muse had abandoned me, so I left everything open to dry and walked away, feeling happy to try again another day.

“Sunset Sky” 1985 by Carla Wilson – Winsor & Newton inks

August Updates

Since the inception of the stay-at-home order due to the COVID-19 pandemic, I’ve been unnervingly productive. I say ‘unnervingly’ because I am exhausting myself with my own obsessive-compulsive behavior. I can’t seem to settle down and have felt the need to ‘catch up’ on everything I’ve neglected to do in my creative life before the pandemic. Thus, I’ve felt compelled to compile a list of everything I’ve been doing in the last few months.

  1. April, 2020: Created The Lightbulb – Podcast series including short stories, interviews, music and more.
  2. May, 2020: I finished a rough draft of the manuscript for my third book, reaching my goal of writing 50,000 words. I’ve been tracking everything on the NanoWriMo website.
  3. June, 2020: Started two e-commerce shops on Zazzle and Redbubble, under the shop name: Studio C Gallerie, where I feature a variety of my own original designs on products such as housewares and clothing.
  4. June – August, 2020: I’ve created several NEW collections for Studio C Gallerie and have added them to the social media sites above, and promoted them. I continue to make more art using the Brushes and Procreate apps for iphone and ipad and am learning how to use them.
  5. July, 2020: Created a Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest pages for Studio C Gallerie and linked all the products together.
  6. July 2020: Created a WordPress website for Studio C Gallerie.
  7. June-August, 2020: Updated my personal website: Carla M Wilson
  8. August, 2020: Updated the website for Curious Impossibilities: Ten Cinematic Riffs on WordPress (ongoing).
  9. August, 2020: Responded to an artists challenge called Call and Response – Round 6: Collaboration at a Distance” and have been paired up with San Francisco-based artist Tami Tsark. The final collaborations will be posted online on September 5th, 2o20.
  10. Continued to work my full-time job from home!
  11. August-September, 2020: I plan to finish editing my third book and finally put it out into the world!!!
End of Summer – Framed Art Print

Absolute Nonsense!

I’m honored to have two pieces included in the new anthology, Le Scat Noir Bedside Nonsense! It features new and veteran writers and artists from around the world, and as an added bonus, also includes rare poems (or ‘songs’) by the late-great Terry Southern (of Dr. Strangelove fame). Please check it out! (The announcement below was reposted from Black Scat Books‘ page).





FeaturingMark AxelrodTom BarrettAngie BrennerKen BrownNorman ConquestCaroline CrépiatHaley Dahl,  Farewell DebutPaul ForristalRyan ForsythePenelope GoddardJean-Jacques GrandvilleSimon HanesRhys HughesAlexei KalinchukKKUURRTTRick KriegerDavid MoscovichJason E. RolfePaul RosheimBob RuckerThaddeus RutkowskiDoug SkinnerTerry SouthernYuriy TarnawskyTom Whalen, and Carla M. Wilson.

It’s the perfect antidote  for  summer lockdown  — and  no mask required.


back cover


May I Say…

Happy Sun-Day by Carla M. Wilson, May 2020

Hello!  It’s been over a year since I last posted here, mainly because I have moved, and, well, other life-world-related things got in the way.  I wanted to report that I’ve updated this website with a new theme!  You’ll notice I’ve created tabs where I will have a place for blog posts, a place to keep my bio and lists of publications, and there will be a new webshop where I will list items for sale, and where I will finally be able to showcase my new work as irregularly as it occurs.

I have been been busy hunkering down at home during COVID-19, and am lucky enough to work full-time from home.  During those sleepless nights, however, when anxiety gets the better of me–or, just too much coffee–I have been making these new collages using photos I have taken during my many (quarantined and be-masked) walks. I begin with photos from nature, or household items (notice the Campbells Soup can here) and then add colorful digital images to create the collages.  Here’s another collage I made recently:

Happy Friday!
Happy Friday! by Carla M. Wilson, May 2020

And Another!

All's Well
“All’s Well” by Carla M. Wilson, May 2020

I do hope all is well with all of you, and I hope you’ll have a look around my new and improved website!

P.S.  Stay tuned for news about my next book, coming soon…